A market leader in thermal power, SNC-Lavalin has designed and built more than 49,000 MW of projects in 200 locations worldwide, including natural-gas-fired plants, alternative-fueled projects, coal-fired projects, diesel power plants and cogeneration facilities ranging in capacity from 25 to 2,250 MW. With a relentless focus on safety, risk management and project execution excellence, we are committed to delivering the highest quality and most efficient projects in the industry. 

Supporting remote industrial facilities

From the Abu Dhabi Desert to the subarctic climate of the Canadian Northwest Territories, we design and build customized thermal power plants to support our clients’ remote industrial facilities wherever they are. Whether they need high-capacity plants to power large-scale aluminum smelters, or reduced-footprint facilities to supply power to worker accommodations, we pair the latest technologies with world-class project execution, procurement and logistics capabilities to deliver outstanding plants regardless of location or climate. 

Projects that make our clients proud

Our mission is to go beyond building great thermal power plants—we want to deliver facilities that make our clients proud and that provide direct value to end-users. Our top priority is safely constructed, high-quality thermal power plants that are respectful of the environment.