Sustainability at work – 2014 Report

Health & safety

Health & Safety - Governance

Our senior management team communicates our H&S approach and targets to all sectors, business units, divisions and site management. H&S progress, challenges and opportunities are reported to the Board’s Safety, Workplace and Project Risk Committee.

As part of our management review process, we hold an Annual H&S Strategy Conference with all business heads. Every fall, representatives from all business units attend a Global H&S Conference.


Site line management—executives, managers and supervisors—are accountable for implementing all H&S policies, processes and procedures at our operations. So are the contractors working on our sites.

In 2014, we put additional measures in place to help keep our contractors and sub-contractors safe. They range from thorough pre-selection screening of contractor safety records, to requiring everyone to complete a field-level risk assessment— our StepBack program— before starting any new task.

Global H&S audits

Our audit program helps ensure that we continually improve our performance by evaluating our compliance with all applicable H&S requirements and standards. We establish an audit schedule at the beginning of each year. The schedule is updated throughout the year to reflect changes in site risk profiles, scope of activities and amended project schedules.

In 2014, we conducted 27 global H&S audits around the world. Sites also completed over 500 self-assessments using our global H&S audit tool.

H&S meetings

We actively encourage managers and employees to hold regular safety meetings to help recognize and understand site hazards and risks. These meetings address appropriate mitigation, behaviours and responses for every project, operation and office.

We also strive to promptly and effectively communicate important H&S information. The following H&S meetings take place at all SNC-Lavalin controlled sites:

  • Toolbox meetings are held weekly to discuss H&S topics with employees.
  • Construction/Operations Coordination meetings are held weekly to review all H&S-related matters and prepare activities for the following week. H&S issues are the first topic on the agenda and require active participation from the construction/operations manager, site H&S manager and contractors’ representatives. During this meeting, the site management team assesses the contractors’ monthly performance against the project’s key performance indicators. 
Global Safety Conference

In October 2014, our annual Global Safety Conference took place at our head office in Montreal, Canada. It was opened by our CEO and included safety representatives from around the globe.

Kentz and Valerus, the newest members of our family and safety leaders in the oil and gas industry, attended the conference. We shared several safety best practices with each other. We’ve since integrated Kentz’s Behaviour Integration Program and their legacy organization has adopted our StepBack risk evaluation tool.