Sustainability at work – 2014 Report


Ethics & Compliance: Respond

At SNC-Lavalin, there is zero tolerance for ethics and compliance transgressions. When an issue is reported, our response focuses on corrective action and remedying the impact of the misconduct. This includes:

    • disciplinary sanctions
    • unbiased consequences
    • system/process analysis
    • recurrence prevention
Consequences of misconduct

We apply consistent and meaningful disciplinary actions when wrongdoing is uncovered. Sanctions are swift and fair and the consequences are unbiased. A person’s performance or position within the company aren’t taken into consideration when determining appropriate consequences.

Process improvement

We examine the root causes of any control breakdown. We then remedy any related system deficiencies to immediately stem further consequences. In this way, we ensure that risk is mitigated and controls are strengthened.

Independent Compliance Monitor

The Independent Compliance Monitor provides external validation of our Ethics & Compliance Program. Retained by SNC-Lavalin in accordance with a Negotiated Resolution Agreement, the Monitor reports directly to the World Bank.

The Monitor reviews the implementation and effectiveness of our Ethics & Compliance Program against the Integrity Compliance Guidelines of the World Bank Group. This ethics and compliance professional also makes recommendations for further improvements.