Building what matters, sustainably – 2015 Report

Sustainability at work

Environment - Sustainability at work

In 2015, various environmental initiatives were undertaken on our projects. Here are just a few examples in each of our business sectors.

Power Icon  Power

John Hart Generating Replacement Project, Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada

Protecting the water quality of the John Hart reservoir is of prime importance during this project – John Hart reservoir is Campbell River City’s source of potable water. To protect the drinking water, we put in place four lines of defense:

  • Two silt curtains
  • A piled cofferdam to restrict work area from the rest of the reservoir
  • A pump to remove turbid water from the restricted area with a treatment system that treats turbid water before releasing it to the river

We provided specific environmental training to the crews who work in the area before the work began.

Mining Icon  Mining and Metallurgy

Ma’aden Umm Wu’al Phosphate Project, Northern Borders Region, Saudi Arabia

In partnership with Sinopec Engineering Group (SEG), we’re delivering one of the world’s largest and most advanced sulphuric acid complexes for Saudi Arabian mining and metals leader Ma’aden. Awarded in February 2014, the project continues to progress well. At the project’s heart is a game-changing training and employment program for the less-developed and -populated Northern Borders region. Our customized, competency-based Local Resource Development Initiative (LRDITM) includes in-class and on-the-job industrial technical training, mentoring and coaching. The program’s completion rate stands at 75%; its trainee employment rate at 100%. By May 2016, we had certified over 500 trainees.