Sustainability at work – 2014 Report


Employees: Governance

We strive to embed our culture and values in everything we do. This includes the principles of good governance. As part of our HR governance, the Executive Vice-President (EVP), Global Human Resources, participates in the:

  • Executive Committee
  • Ethics & Compliance Committee
  • Human Resources Committee of the Board of Directors

These committees help align and continuously improve our HR strategy, approach and initiatives. Senior members of the HR team meet regularly with their internal clients as well as lead their own sector-based meetings. As members of the HR Council, they also meet monthly with the EVP of Global HR to discuss key issues affecting employees and the HR function globally.

Addressing conflicts of interest

Our employees are the face of SNC-Lavalin. Their actions significantly impact how our company is perceived by all stakeholders. As a condition of employment, we require all employees to know and adhere to our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

Reporting any actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest is a Code requirement. The Conflict of Interest Disclosure form helps us promptly identify possible conflicts of interest to quickly address situations that may undermine employee impartiality. Supervisors and HR professionals meet to discuss reports and, as required, consult with the ethics and compliance team on appropriate actions.