Sustainability at work – 2014 Report

Economic impact - Sustainability at work

Economic Impact - Sustainability at work

Building local capacity

Kentz Training Solutions, Mozambique

In late December 2014, we opened a new Kentz* Training Solutions (KTS) centre in Nacala, northern Mozambique, with the Instituto Nacional de Emprego e Formação Profissional (INEFP). The centre is part of an integrated development strategy to provide project-related training programs and foster sustainable growth in Mozambique. It also leverages skills enhancement initiatives pioneered by KTS.

This is our second training facility opened in Mozambique in the past three years. The first group of 29 Mozambicans have been trained and are now gaining practical experience on our Nacala Port Expansion project. With their skills increasing rapidly, these students have set the bar high for all future trainees.

We opened our first training facility in the Tete province of Mozambique three years ago. It continues to receive positive feedback from the government and private sector alike. By the end of June 2015, 525 students had received training at the centre. 

Setting a new standard in Mozambique

In conjunction with our client Vale, INEFP commissioned us to provide and conduct technical training at both facilities. We also created a system to ensure a high standard of student assessment and evaluation.

We modelled both facilities on our existing KTS centres in Sub-Saharan Africa. The development programs include boiler-making, welding, steel erecting, gas cutting, cable rack fabrication, plastic welding, crane driving and electrician skills. They range from one-week skills training to more complex three-month courses.

After an initial competence level assessment, trainees are deployed to operational construction sites to get field experience. A mentor is appointed to help develop the trainees’ skills in preparation for the final assessment. This comprehensive training process takes approximately three to four years to complete.

From student to instructor

Rita Marques Bernardinho Mandipe, a former welding trainee, is the first student at the Tete training centre to become an instructor.

Rita says: “My dedication and passion for the program is what motivated me to succeed and exceed all expectations. As a woman, I felt it was my duty to prove that no matter who you are, as long as you have your mind set on achieving your goals, anything is possible.”

* SNC-Lavalin acquired Kentz Corporation in August 2014.