Sustainability at work – 2014 Report

Community engagement

Communities - Community engagement

Around the world, employees are working together to enhance the quality of life in communities where we live and work. In 2014, key donations, sponsorships and initiatives included:

  • supporting palliative care and hospice facilities in Sarnia, Canada
  • planting trees in Mumbai, India, and Montreal, Canada
  • helping fund volunteer lifeguards in coastal towns in Ireland and the UK
  • sponsoring science and safety awards at the Calgary Stampede in Canada
  • conducting  lunch and learns, sponsoring community cleanups and distributing seedlings through our offices around the world to celebrate Canada’s Environment Week Environment Week
  • supporting the Houston Food Bank in the US
  • supporting the Asociación para Espásticos Chilenos (ASPEC), a non-profit organization that helps individuals with brain injuries in Chile
  • raising over CDN$600,000 for the 2014 Centraide United Way fundraising campaign in Canada to help people in need

Here are a few more ways employees put our values into action in 2014.

  • Baytown Office school initiatives in the US: For 15 years, our Oil & Gas office in Baytown, Texas, has supported the Horace Mann Jr. High School. We sponsor the school’s community events and general activities as well as donate school and office supplies.

    At Thanksgiving and Christmas, we provide less fortunate families at the school with meals and/or gifts. Our mentoring program at the school is so successful that some student-mentees have become SNC-Lavalin employees.

  • Kentz Typhoon Relief Fund on Leyte Island in the Philippines: In November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan devastated much of the central Philippines. In response, Kentz created the Kentz Typhoon Relief Fund. It enabled employees worldwide to support the relief efforts and affected families and friends of Kentz’s 3,500 Filipino employees.

    The fund raised a total of US$300,000. Through the international humanitarian agency GOAL, this money helped refurbish more than 100 classrooms. In turn, the classrooms provided over 6,400 students with a safe and secure learning environment.

  • IMPACT in Australia: We partnered with the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) to support its IMPACT initiative. IMPACT is Australia’s only indigenous-focused education, leadership and social action initiative that works with participants over a three-year period.

    Our shared goal is to motivate indigenous students to complete grade 12 and lead change in their community. In 2014, seven students graduated from high school thanks to IMPACT.

  • CITE in the Middle East: Kentz employs almost 3,000 Filipino people in the Middle East. In 2014, we teamed up with the Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise (CITE) to create a scholarship program for CITE’s Industrial Technician Program.

    Through this partnership, six students from lower socio-economic backgrounds are able to graduate from the program every three years. They’re then eligible for overseas employment with us.

  • Food & Trees for Africa in South Africa: In 2014, Kentz partnered with Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) as a community program in South Africa. FTFA plants trees and food gardens, offsetting carbon emissions and transforming schools and other community centres into healthier, more sustainable environments.

    We’re supporting the creation of food gardens in our main areas of operation in South Africa. These gardens are fundamental to ensuring food security and sustainable living in the region.

  • Giving back on Nelson Mandela International Day in South Africa: On July 18, International Nelson Mandela Day, employees delivered a small schoolhouse that they built and painted to Mother Touch Academy. This non-profit organization provides preschool and educational services to children in the impoverished Diepsloot community outside Johannesburg.

    One of five schoolhouses built by sponsors, the school is located in Constitution Hill Precinct, Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Constitution Hill is the site of Johannesburg’s notorious Old Fort prison complex where many of South Africa’s political activists, including Nelson Mandela, were detained.

    “It’s about giving back to the less fortunate and instilling hope in future generations,” says Dirk Botha, Manager, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE), South Africa. “I’m so proud of the team and what they accomplished, and know that our hard work will benefit many children for years to come.”

  • Helping restore power after the ice storm in Canada:  In December 2014, a severe ice storm struck Toronto, Ontario, crippling the city. Two dozen employees from our Power Construction team worked day and night to help restore power to 300,000 homes and other buildings. They took time away from their families and worked vacation days to ensure residents could heat their homes and businesses could operate.

    The ice storm hit Canada the weekend before Christmas, knocking out power to residents in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The storm impacted the City of Toronto hardest, affecting some 750,000 people.