2017 Sustainability Report

Health & Safety performance

No injury is acceptable and all injuries are preventable.

At SNC-Lavalin, we believe that zero injuries are fully achievable. That’s why we embed safety in everything we do. Safety is about more than numbers, processes and procedures. It’s about looking out for one another and ensuring that every person working at our offices and sites returns home safely at the end of each day. For us, there’s no greater measure of success than knowing that our conscious actions resulted in no one being hurt.

We track all our controlled sites—offices, operations and projects—they report all incidents and statistics for both our employees and our contractors. We require the same information from non-controlled sites where our direct hire employees are working. 

2017 results

In 2017, we made tremendous progress on our leading indicators or proactive measures.

Lagging indicators

Indicator 2017 Target 2017 Actual
Total Recordable Incident Frequency (TRIF) 0.15 0.18
Lost Time Incident Frequency (LTIF) 0.015 0.028





Leading indicators


  • Behaviour Interaction Program (BIP): 90% of projects achieved target 
    The BIP immediately reinforces the desired behaviours and helps us focus on the areas needing improvement.
  • Imminent dangers: 92% of projects achieved target 
    Imminent dangers help us resolve situations before they cause injuries.
  • Safety training: 82% of our sites achieved target of ensuring every employee received safety-related training
  • Contractor premobilization: 94% of contractors properly pre-assessed
  • Corrective actions: 94% on-time closure rate

2017 recordable incidents by body part

Tracking incidents by injured body part and the associated Critical Risk Control Protocol allows us to focus on our programs and initiatives in the right place to prevent these mishaps from recurring.


High Potential Incidents by Critical Risk Control Protocol