2017 Sustainability Report

SNC-Lavalin Academy

The SNC-Lavalin Academy is an important force in shaping the future of our organization and a key element of our global people development strategy. The Academy:

  • Addresses our corporate-wide people development needs
  • Develops key competencies
  • Creates an environment that promotes networking, best practices, alignment and synergies

Learning streams 

The Academy offers a series of courses linked to three key strategic priorities:

  • Project management
  • Corporate excellence
  • Leadership development

Each learning stream consists of courses delivered face-to-face in the classroom, through eLearning modules or a combination of both. Courses range from half-hour online modules to week-long sessions and year-long professional certification programs. Some courses are open to employees across the company while others are by invitation and tailored to specific groups.

Superior instruction

The Academy is steered by a faculty of SNC-Lavalin subject matter experts. We’ve also built partnerships with specialist global learning organizations in project management and leadership.

First-class teaching ensures the quality of delivery. Programs are piloted and undergo review and continuous improvement following participant feedback. They also offer a unique opportunity for sharing experiences with people coming together from our different sectors and regions of the world. Courses are delivered in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Key in-class programs

Some 2017 highlights include:

People Leaders Development Program (PLDP)  

During 2017, more than 226 employees took part in this highly regarded and successful program for a total of 9,508 hours of training. The PLDP focuses on developing competencies in personal, team and organizational leadership. Sessions were held in Canada, Romania and the Middle East.

Project Management Development Program (PMDP)  

This program strengthens our project managers’ execution and delivery capabilities as well as promotes best practices across our organization. It also helps project managers obtain George Washington Certified Project Manager (GWCPM) certification as well as PMP® certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

In 2017, 132 employees were trained in 21 different sessions for a total of 6,195 hours of training and we were pleased to welcome another 48 PMDP graduates.

Senior Management Potential Program 

This program provides a week-long focus on personal mastery and professional development. Employees learn from scholars and external consultants in leadership, health management, resilience and diversity as well as from engaging in rich conversations with executives. In 2017, 30 employees graduated from this five-day program following a total of 1,350 hours of training.

Learning Management System: Online learning

Through our Learning Management System (LMS), more than 19,000 employees worldwide had access to an online library of 5,900 courses in 2017. Some 6,800 training hours were delivered. 

Also in 2017, the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct’s annual certification was rolled out for the second time using the LMS platform, which facilitated certification deployment and tracking of over 16,300 employees across the company. 

Throughout 2018, we’ll integrate Atkins’ learning and management development curriculum, which is similar to our legacy courses and programs.