2017 Sustainability Report

Our Approach


Our sustainability objective

At SNC-Lavalin, our objective is to transform our sustainability expertise into a key competitive advantage that delivers value to our stakeholders and communities alike. In 2017, we continued to lay the groundwork for sustainability to become an integral part of the way we think and operate. 

New corporate vision

In early 2018, we established a new corporate vision to guide our strategy and actions in the years ahead. Sustainability figures prominently in our new vision statement: 

We strive to be the premier engineering solutions partner, committed to delivering complex projects from vision to reality for a sustainable lifespan.

New core values

In December 2017, we invited our over 50,000 employees to participate in a survey to help identify core values to unify the expanded organization created when we acquired Atkins. Rolled out in early 2018, these four values will serve to forge a shared identity and culture as well as bring our vision to life across SNC-Lavalin.

Like our vision, these values guide our decisions and actions, and ensure that stakeholders know what we stand for and what matters to us. In a nutshell, they focus us on working together to make a better tomorrow.

Values that
guide us

Our values are the essence of our company’s identity. They represent how we act, speak and behave together, and how we engage with our clients and stakeholders.

We put safety at the heart of everything we do, to safeguard people, assets and the environment.

We do the right thing, no matter what, and are accountable for our actions.

We work together and embrace each other’s unique contribution to deliver amazing results for all.

We redefine engineering by thinking boldly, proudly and differently.

Our President & CEO is the sponsor of our new core values. Throughout 2018, we’ll implement a number of communications initiatives to raise employee and stakeholder awareness and understanding of our new values. 

Embedding sustainability at SNC-Lavalin

We increasingly think about our performance along the three dimensions or triple bottom line of sustainability—economic, social and environmental. Our goal is to embed this perspective in our approach to everything we do.

Whether it’s a new client project or internal company initiative, we’re learning to see how it can support societal ambitions as well as those of our clients and our business. This means seeking ways to leave a larger economic and social footprint in local communities while minimizing the environmental impact of our offices and client projects.

Through our Local Resources Development Initiative (LRDI™), we help build local capacity and generate economic value for communities. We enable clients to reach out and engage with communities in meaningful ways, from hiring and training local workers to buying from local suppliers.

When we take steps to foster a ‘zero harm’ health and safety culture at our offices and on project sites, we’re acknowledging and protecting what’s important to all of us. When we sponsor local initiatives, we’re a force for positive change. 

We’re multicultural and diverse. We understand the different cultures in which we operate. And, more and more, we know how to leverage our engineering and digital technology expertise to unlock economic, social and economic benefits for all. 

Pursuing excellence in key areas

We’ve been using our engineering and project management know-how to create value for our clients, communities and company for decades. As our expertise grows, so does the opportunity to make a difference. To achieve our vision and sustainability objectives, we continue to pursue excellence across key areas. 

  • Ethics
    Ethics and sustainability go hand in hand. Since 2012, we’ve made excellent progress toward achieving our goal of becoming the industry benchmark for ethics and compliance. We’re also increasingly called on by other organizations to speak about our ethics and compliance journey. Our new core value of Integrity captures the importance we place on always doing the right thing.
  • People  
    Being a leader in sustainability means aiming to consistently offer a work environment that attracts and allows talented people to thrive. A workplace that puts employee and contractor safety first. That also leaves room for critical thinking, pursuing innovative ideas and collaborating with colleagues across all business units and functions.
  • Projects
    In our industry, delivering world-class project execution and management is an important part of excellence in sustainability. Only by understanding our clients’ needs and today’s increasingly complex challenges can we provide solutions that enable clients to achieve their sustainability objectives. 
  • We strive to lead the way in applying advanced technologies and best practices on every project. This includes using digital technology, big data and industry insights to improve project design and delivery and generate value for our stakeholders. One way we can contribute is by delivering client designs that take the latest science into account. This includes designing office buildings and workplaces that enhance people’s well-being by:
    • Increasing outside views
    • Providing greater daylight
    • Improving in-house systems 
    • Reducing CO2 levels in buildings