Building what matters, sustainably – 2015 Sustainability Report

2015 Sustainability Report

Welcome to Building what matters, sustainably, our 2015 Sustainability Report.

This report captures our commitment to clearly communicating our approach, achievements and challenges as we bring sustainability to the next level across our organization.

Throughout 2016, we’ll continue adding information to this section to reflect our growth and progress along our sustainability journey.

Sustainability at work

Sustainability at work is about understanding and maximizing how, through our engineering expertise and services, we make a difference. This includes:

  • Helping clients obtain project approval
  • Sourcing, hiring and investing locally to build local prosperity and capacity
  • Reducing our energy consumption, resource use and carbon emissions
  • Engaging with communities and stakeholders around sustainability issues
  • Earning our social license to operate
  • Further embedding sustainability in our processes, projects and decisions