Building what matters, sustainably – 2015 Report

Health & safety

Health & Safety - Governance

Common Platform

SNC-Lavalin’s goal is to achieve and maintain health and safety (H&S) excellence by incorporating strategies, policies, and standard operating procedures (SOP) that promote the H&S of our personnel, contractors, and the general public throughout all our business activities.

At SNC-Lavalin we use our Global Health and Safety Management System (GHSMS) as the foundational document to manage our safety processes. The GHSMS is the governing document that outlines expectations for all SNC-Lavalin business activities in order to support a common “One Company” approach for robust H&S around the globe.

The GHSMS stipulates all Sectors and Business Units (BUs) meet the same standards, policies, strategies, SOP, internal controls, performance indicators and targets. It also requires that technical systems and tools are developed centrally to help manage risk and improve H&S performance. This system supports individual Sectors and BUs, as well as the organization as a whole, to achieve our collective safety targets and objectives.

The GHSMS is designed on the principles of continuous improvement and adopts the methodology of Plan, Do, Check, and Act. The management system is divided into specific elements. Each element sets out to achieve a specific objective that enables SNC-Lavalin to best identify and manage all H&S opportunities and threats. The management system is further underpinned by key safety highlights which support the full rollout across the globe.

The "BlueBook"

Each year SNC-Lavalin publishes the "BlueBook". The "BlueBook" is a consolidated, quick reference version of our key H&S documents including the GHSMS, Audit Tool, Critical Risk Control Protocols, StepBack, Indicators and Incident Management Forms. The "BlueBook’ is published annually as an outcome of our document review process to set the standards and communicate the requirements for that year. The "BlueBook’ is distributed throughout the organization and to our clients and subcontractors to ensure we are all working to the same standards and requirements. It is available electronically, on a smart phone and in hard copy format.

Global H&S audits

Our audit program helps ensure that we continually improve our performance by evaluating our compliance with all applicable H&S requirements and standards. We establish an audit schedule at the beginning of each year. The schedule is updated throughout the year to reflect changes in site risk profiles, scope of activities and amended project schedules.

In 2015, we conducted 19 global H&S audits around the world.

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