Sustainability at work – 2014 Report

Ethics & Compliance

Ethics & Compliance

We’re determined to become leaders in our industry.

To say we’ve improved ethics and compliance at SNC-Lavalin is no understatement. Since 2012, we’ve made far-reaching changes to strengthen our internal controls and processes as well as our ethics and compliance culture. This includes putting a robust Ethics & Compliance Program in place.

Our goal now is to become nothing less than the industry’s benchmark in ethics and compliance. Constant review of our compliance environment is a key part of our promise to stakeholders.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Available in 11 languages, our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct sets the expectations for integrity and ethics in our business dealings. Every year, we train all employees and consultants working for us on the Code’s requirements. They must certify, annually, that they’ll abide by the Code’s provisions as a condition of employment. Last year, employees achieved 100% certification by March 2014.

Continuous improvement

We update our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct periodically. As a result, the 2015 Code of Ethics and Business Conduct provides even greater precision and clarity on a number of topics. This includes guidelines on:

  • identifying and mitigating security risks to provide employees with a safe and secure work environment
  • preventing SNC-Lavalin from being involved or used in money laundering or other criminal activities
  • performing compliance due diligence for all business partners
  • interacting appropriately with government officials
  • protecting and preserving human rights
  • maximizing sustainable benefits to the communities where we live and work
  • making the right decision
Our Ethics & Compliance Program

Our Ethics & Compliance Program is comprised of three action elements: prevent, detect and respond. This comprehensive and integrated approach helps us:

  • maintain our ethical health
  • support our long-term success
  • preserve and promote our values


Governance: a global compliance organization

We’re committed to serving clients and communities according to the highest ethical standards. And we continue to take concrete steps to fulfill this commitment.

The members of our ethics and compliance organization are the driving force behind these measures. They’re responsible for developing and maintaining an effective, company-wide Ethics & Compliance Program.

This independent team reports to the Chief Compliance Officer, who reports directly to the CEO and the Board’s Governance and Ethics Committee. The team keeps us focused on providing and adhering to a sound framework of good governance worldwide.

Overall responsibility for implementing the Ethics & Compliance Program rests with SNC-Lavalin management. Every manager, at every level, is accountable for ensuring that we deliver a world-class ethics and compliance performance.