Seaspan Shipyard Modernization Project

As owner's representative, SNC-Lavalin provided project management and construction management services to Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyards during the design and construction of infrastructure for the modernization of their shipyard in North Vancouver. We played a key role in the on-time delivery and success of the project, equipping Seaspan with a modern, efficient shipyard that has the capacity to meet the needs of the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy. SNC-Lavalin achieved zero lost-time incidents throughout the project.

The key to the success of the project was development of alternative foundation schemes for the various structures at the site, many of which initially presented a great challenge to the design team. SNC-Lavalin’s experts worked closely with the client and it’s designers to assess and revise the foundations used at the shipyard site. Following implementation of the recommendations provided by our experts, the construction costs and schedule were significantly reduced.

Modern, efficient and sustainable shipyard

The Seaspan Vancouver Shipyards is now Canada’s most modern shipyard and is well-equipped to fulfill its role as the Government of Canada’s long-term supplier of non-combat vessels as well as being better positioned to compete in the international commercial shipbuilding market. The production capacity of Vancouver Shipyards has been tripled, adding four fabrication buildings, a new load-out-pier and Canada’s largest permanent gantry crane.

Other notable benefits of the modernization project include improvements to surface water capture and treatment, improvements to blasting and painting related production facilities, as well as environmental controls to reduce noise, dust and other emissions. In addition, more production activities can now be performed indoors under controlled climatic conditions, resulting in a more efficient and productive workforce.

Sustainability achievements

SNC-Lavalin played a significant role in supervising the environmental consultant appointed by Seaspan, and keeping the local communities involved throughout the course of the project. Working closely with them we were successful in protecting the fish habitat; enhancing the Mackay Creek bordering the east side of the site by removing a concrete weir that restricted fish passage; channeling reconstruction and bank armouring; and, enhancing riparian vegetation throughout the site.

In terms of economic benefits, the client estimates that the work ensuing from this project will create a total of 5,000 direct, indirect and inducted jobs throughout the life of the build program, and produce almost $500M per year in gross domestic product for B.C.’s economy.

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