Qinshan Nuclear Generating Station

The Qinshan Phase III CANDU project is owned and operated by the Third Nuclear Power Company Ltd. (TQNPC). The two units at the Qinshan Phase III site are 700 CANDU 6 reactors. Their gross output is 728 MWe each.

The total project schedule of the CANDU reactors at the Qinshan site was 81 months from contract effective date to in-service.

This 81-month schedule was made possible with the use of up-to-date integrated electronic engineering tools, including comprehensive 3-D Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) systems, and Integrated Electrical and Control (IntEC) automated wiring. 3-D CADD systems allow the constructor to visualize and animate construction sequences to develop the optimum schedule before construction begins. IntEC is a management software tool for the design and installation of cable and wiring. Other tools are: Asset Information Management (AIM), a database to manage drawings, documents and project records; and the CANDU Material Management System (CMMS) to track and control materials. 

Open-top construction is another tool that significantly streamlined and reduced the construction schedule. Using a very-heavy-lift (VHL) crane, major equipment was lifted over the top of the reactor building through the openings of a temporary roof. Work sequences were more efficient and flexible because activities that previously had to be conducted sequentially were able to be carried out independently of each other.

Major Project Milestones

Gross Output Contract Signed Contract Effective Date First Containment Concrete Date of First Criticality In-Service
Unit 1 - 728 MWe Nov. 26, 1996 Feb. 12, 1997 June 8, 1998 October 2002 Jan. 5, 2003
Unit 2 - 728 MWe Nov. 26, 1996 Feb. 12, 1997 Sept. 24, 1998 July 2003 July 24, 2003

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