Transforming Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

As a member of Canadian National Energy Alliance (CNEA), we were selected by the Government of Canada in 2015 to manage and operate Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), previously a subsidiary of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL). 

Using a government-owned, contractor-operated model, our mandate involves safely and efficiently addressing AECL’s waste and decommissioning responsibilities, providing nuclear science and technology services to support Canada’s responsibilities, and offering services to third parties. 

Strengthening Canada’s nuclear leadership

CNL is a world leader in nuclear science and technology . By reinvesting in ageing infrastructure and renewing CNL’s laboratories, this initiative will ensure that CNL stays at the top of its field, supporting Canada’s status in the international scientific community.

The campus will be further revitalized through partnerships with universities and other science and technology organizations, as well as new third-party commercial relationships. In addition, the work carried out by CNEA is expected to enhance CNL’s commercial offerings through cost-effective business models and effective project management. 

Generating opportunities for the whole community

Through our work at CNL, we will ensure that opportunities, both economic and scientific, cascade throughout the community. To the extent possible, CNEA intends to call on local suppliers, with an additional emphasis on First Nations businesses. Meanwhile, site staff will have the chance to learn from CNEA’s four partner companies, including potential secondment opportunities and knowledge sharing through special training programs. 

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