Trans-Canada Highway Infrastructure

In New Brunswick, we designed, built and are now managing one of the safest and most modern highways in the world. As an important trade corridor with significant economic and safety benefits, it makes the province a more attractive destination for businesses and visitors.

In 2005, we were awarded a P3 contract to finance, design, and build 98 km of new highway and to upgrade over 128 km of existing four lane divided highway in New Brunswick, Canada. The contract also involves the ongoing operations, maintenance and rehabilitation of a total of 275 km of divided highway until 2033.

The construction—which included seven bridges and 41 overpasses/underpasses—was completed in just 33 months, on time and on budget. Since the project’s inception, SNC-Lavalin has ensured compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, and has maintained certification from the New Brunswick Construction Safety Association for the project’s safety management system.

Putting safety first during snow removal

Since winter in New Brunswick always involves heavy snowfall, massive snow removal efforts are required throughout the season. SNC-Lavalin makes it a priority to ensure that highways are kept clear and that snow removal operations are carried out as safely as possible. That’s why we use echelon plowing, a strategy that involves staging snowplows across all lanes of the highway to clear accumulated snow to the right shoulder of the highway. It is the safest snow removal method for multi-lane highways because it eliminates snow ridges between lanes and allows for subsequent snow removal from the right hand shoulder after the storm. But snow removal operations can still pose a hazard to motorists, particularly those who attempt to weave between staggered snow-removal vehicles.

To protect drivers, we developed a system in which a 10-foot arm extends from the back of the lead snowplows to prevent motorists from getting too close.


Our achievements in New Brunswick have earned us several awards, in areas that range from safety, infrastructure, innovation, finance, salt management, winter operations and more. We’re very proud that our work has been recognized by the New Brunswick Road Builders Association, the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships, as well as the International Road Federation and the Salt Institute.

The project in numbers:

  • Over 1200 lane kilometers of highway
  • 35 highway interchanges
  • 15 major structures passing over waterways
  • 169 structures
  • 3 maintenance garages and 2 winter satellite yards
  • 5 road weather information stations (RWIS)
  • 12 awards, including 8 from the Salt Institute

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