Training Program for ICCS

When SNC-Lavalin was hired by SaskPower to design and build an Integrated Carbon Capture System (ICCS) extension to its coal-fired Boundary Dam Power Plant in Saskatchewan, GTS was asked to create a training program for the future operators of the ICCS plant. The ICCS chemical process plant for carbon capture is the first full-scale production unit of its kind in the world. It would significantly improve air quality by capturing the SO2 and CO2  generated during the burning of coal, instead of directly emitting it to the atmosphere.

Creating competent and confident operators

In order to establish a training program that met the specific needs of SaskPower employees, GTS completed a Training Needs Analysis (TNA). GTS used theoretical content, practical demonstrations and assessment strategies to train senior operators, manage new health and safety concerns, meet new environmental requirements, and handle media visibility. A six-week training program was developed, which included a series of 61 training modules for three primary types of training: Operator Training, Health and Safety (HSE), and Top-Up Technical Training. The program allowed 40 senior power operators to become competent and confident in the operation of the new chemical process.

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