Training Program for Ambatovy’s Operations Team

Ambatovy is a world-class, large-tonnage refined nickel and cobalt start-up project in Madagascar. Designed and built by SNC-Lavalin, the project included the construction of installations for a nickel and cobalt mining operation, as well as a treatment and refinery plant that will produce approximately 60,000 tonnes of nickel and 5,000 tonnes of high-purity cobalt annually.

GTS provided the analysis, training centre setup and course design and delivery for a large, newly hired operations workforce. The mandate included a complete, integrated solution using Web-based electronic manuals to train operations personnel in all areas of the Ambatovy project. A 30,000-plus page manual including technical diagrams and animation was also created. This two-year training program prepared a new workforce to efficiently operate a large, modern and complex plant.

Tracking progress to predict future needs

GTS began with an audit of the Malagasy educational system, an assessment of the country’s available training resources and an evaluation of the local workforce. The team then proposed a tailored, competency-based training strategy to allow personnel to quickly master plant processes and operations. The training included the tracking of each individual’s progress and competencies to identify those requiring additional training and those possessing potential that was superior to their initial profile.

GTS also selected, installed and configured a Web-based Learning Management System (LMS) to manage training sessions, and provide access to reference and training documents to all potential Ambatovy project users in various locations.

Mobilized for on-site training and follow up 

GTS sent team members to recruit personnel on site to provide assistance to the new training superintendent, training coordinators and local trainers. As part of this collaborative partnership, GTS provided its expertise to ensure the quality of the training material, its proper integration into the Web-based platform and the quality of the training provided. GTS trainers also assisted with the training of foreign operators, some of whom acted as supervisors and process engineers during the plant’s start-up phase.

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