Timetable Advisory System (TAS)


Developed by SNC-Lavalin’s wholly owned subsidiary, Interfleet technology, with support from Network Rail, freight and passenger operating companies, the Timetable Advisory System (TAS) is helping commuter rail passengers and freight in the UK get to destinations on time, while improving energy consumption and capturing valuable delay information.

Energy efficiency = Savings

Designed to operate on a tablet in a driver’s cab, TAS provides a range of information about how trains are operating relative to the timetable. If a train is running ahead of schedule, the driver can reduce speed to save energy for operators (modeled scenarios indicate running a train to timetable can reduce energy use by eight percent). If a train is behind schedule, the driver can accelerate to minimize delays, helping passengers and freight get to their destination more rapidly, reducing delays on route, and generally helping the UK rail industry to run an on-time railway.

About Interfleet

A member of the SNC-Lavalin Group, Interfleet Technology is one of the world’s leading international rail consultancies. Interfleet’s global capabilities include engineering, technological and strategic solutions to transit agencies, departments of transportation, operators, maintainers, advisors and investors.

Interfleet’s worldwide team of more than 750 rail professionals is delivering projects ranging from streetcar, light rail and PRIIA passenger car and locomotive procurements, to high-speed advisory services. In the process, Interfleet is helping cities grow by enhancing public transportation and providing greener and faster solutions for a brighter tomorrow.

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