Technical and Economical Assistance for Saudi Arabia’s 2040 Long-Term Electricity, Water and Fuel Development Plan

With a growing population and a rapidly expanding economy, Saudi Arabia determined that it needed a forward-looking strategy to ensure that it could meet future power and water needs. In 2013, the country’s Electricity Co Generation Regulatory Authority selected SNC-Lavalin to work with their Long Term Plan National Team to develop the 2040 Long-Term Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Electricity, Water and Fuel Development Plan. 

Our mandate involves providing high-level expertise and working hand-in-hand with the Saudi Arabia’s key stakeholders in water and electricity production and fuel supply to:

  • Determine current and future demands electricity and water for the next 25 years;
  • Explore various supply options, taking into account existing, new and alternative technologies;
  • Ensure that the country’s natural resources are used as efficiently as possible;
  • Prepare a staged plan for the implementation of the planned scenarios, including cost estimates for the implementation program and forecasted cash flows.

Transferring experience and know-how

Our mandate, however, goes beyond advisory services. We’ve also been asked to provide the country’s senior resource-sector managers with training—both in the classroom and on the job—so that Saudi Arabia can move away from its dependence on foreign expertise. With our input, they are setting up a permanent long-term planning group to help Saudi Arabia manage its resources in a way that makes sense both economically and environmentally. 

Supporting Saudi Arabia’s key players

Although our client is officially the Electricity Co Generation Regulatory Authority, we’re working directly with Saudi Arabia’s government ministries and utilities—some of which are the biggest players in their field worldwide. We’re proud to support the strategic efforts of: the Ministry of Petroleum & Minerals Resources, Ministry of Water and Electricity, the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, the Saudi Electricity Company, Saudi Aramco and the National Water Company.

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