Taksebt Water Transfer Project

Largest Water Transfer Project of its Kind

In 2005, SNC-Lavalin was awarded a fixed-price turnkey project by the Algerian Agence Nationale des Barrages (ANBT) to design and build a 605,000-cubic-metre-per-day water treatment plant and pumping station in Taksebt, Algeria. The company was also awarded a five-year operation and maintenance contract for facilities. Covering a distance of approximately 80 kilometres, the project is the largest combined water treatment and transportation project of its kind on the African continent.

Safe Drinking Water for Four Million People

Taksebt has already improved quality of life in Algeria by providing high-quality drinking water to four million people, all day and every day. Many are situated in remote rural areas, where access to potable water was once available only a few days a week, and often for only a few hours each day.

Major Social and Economic Spin-offs

The project team was composed of 95% Algerian employees supervised by experienced Canadian staff. The blend of global expertise with local know-how has led to social and economic spin-offs for Algeria.

Over 3,000 jobs were created locally in diverse areas including engineering, procurement, construction, quality control, and environment, and SNC-Lavalin indirectly employed tens of thousands of suppliers and service-providers. This organizational structure also supported the transfer of knowledge to Algerian employees, helping enhance their skills in the field of construction. Some continue to be employed by the company on other projects in the country.

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