Taconite Mining Project

For the Taconite mining project in Northern Quebec and Labrador, we tailored our Sustainability+ tool to include an emphasis on Aboriginal rights.

In 2011, New Millennium Iron Corp. (NML) hired us to provide environmental consulting services for the Taconite mining project, led by NML and Tata Steel. Our mandate involved running a baseline data collection program and conducting environmental assessments for two mine sites, which together constitute the world’s largest undeveloped magnetic iron ore deposits.

The contract includes environmental consulting services for two mines, a 600-kilometre pipeline, two electric lines, two concentrators and a pellet plant, as well as consultations with local First Nations and non-native communities.

The project also marked the first time we used our Sustainability+TM tool to analyze a non completed project’s adherence to international sustainability standards.

About Sustainability+

Sustainability+ was first introduced in 2011 by our Environment & Water team as a tool for analyzing the sustainable performance of potential, ongoing and completed projects, and calculating indexes that measure a project against international sustainability standards.

 Sustainability achievements:
  • We’re conducting environmental assessments for developing the world’s largest untouched magnetic iron ore deposits.
  • We’re consulting local First Nations and non-native communities to discuss potential impacts.
  • Our proprietary Sustainability3 tool enables us to assess the non‑completed project’s compliance with international standards.

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