Sydney suburban rail strategy

Client: Infrastructure NSW (INSW)
Year: 2011

In 2011 SNC-Lavalin Transport Advisory was commissioned by Infrastructure NSW (INSW) to review Sydney’s Long Term Rail Strategy and to identify opportunities to increase the outputs on a best value basis. 

With a wide-ranging remit and tight timescales, STA:

  • Reviewed all relevant recent study material in relation to the project schemes
  • Reviewed existing and future demand and supply of trains in the city and the impact of future extensions on patronage
  • Benchmarked and appraised the railway operator’s expenditure on staffing, train operations, maintenance, procurement, etc to estimate potential cost savings
  • Prepared an alternative train operating plan
  • Reviewed Customer Services plans and made recommendations for improvement
  • Learned lessons from franchises and PPP schemes and made suggestions for client consideration

Our report – later published - informed INSW in its wider review of funding and investment decisions, and was influential in generating new thinking on the development and timing of infrastructure in Sydney that emerged in Sydney’s Rail Future (June 2012).

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