Matala Dam Project

For the Matala Dam Project in Angola, we created a customized Local Resource Development Initiative™ to train the local workforce and maximize socio-economic benefits for the community.

In 2010, Empresa Nacional de Electridade (ENE) awarded us the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract to repair Matala Dam and the roadway bridge serving the project. As part of the scope, we optimized the dam’s water resource management system and improved its structural stability and flood-control capabilities. This will help protect the environment and communities upstream and downstream of the facility.

Putting health and safety first

Early on in the project, we implemented a rigorous health, safety, security and environmental program to overcome the challenges related to working at a remote site and former military mine-testing base camp. Our initiatives covered a broad range of hazards, from preventing hand injuries to malaria. Daily safety talks were conducted in three languages. We even came up with a unique precaution: since work on the dam involved working at heights, often over water, we built metal structures to prevent workers from falling.

Developing the local workforce

We designed and now manage the project’s Local Resource Development Initiative (LRDI) program. This program involved training local labour during the construction phase, optimizing the use of local goods and services, reinforcing the capabilities of local businesses, and creating a strategy for developing the local community. It’s all part of making sure the project leaves behind a positive socio-economic footprint.

To date, 691 participants have entered the program and 90% have graduated. Training programs provided instruction in health and safety, basic building works (welding, masonry, rigging, painting, scaffolding, formwork, rebar, etc.), hospitality (housekeeping and laundry) and computer skills. More than 400 participants have been employed by the Matala Dam Project directly, with the majority now in permanent positions at the facility.

In May 2014, Angola’s Ministry of Labour and ENE presented SNC-Lavalin with an award for the program’s significant positive impact on the community.

 Sustainability achievements:
  • SNC-Lavalin’s LRDI program provided training to 691 local Angolans.
  • We’re protecting workers with a rigorous health and safety program tailored to the site’s unique challenges.
  • Angola’s Ministry of Labour and ENE presented us with an award for helping develop the local workforce.

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