Krill Oil

By offering engineering support for a new krill oil extraction plant, we helped our client save time and money with improved operational efficiencies.

When Aker Biomarine wanted to convert an old ice-cream factory in Houston, Texas, into an advanced krill oil extraction plant, the European company called on SNC-Lavalin to act as their engineering partner. The new 144,800 square foot plant produces two value-added high-end products: krill oil (a dietary supplement) and high-protein krill-meal (for animal feed).

We were initially brought in to do the preliminary engineering across all disciplines. This involved analyzing the company’s existing technology used in Europe and determining how it could be improved for more efficient output. After delivering a successful design, we were subsequently awarded a contract for the detailed engineering, architecture and automation, including start-up support.

Technical innovation

Opening a brand-new facility gives clients the freedom to adopt new technologies. The Texas plant was equipped with an efficient solvent recovery process that allowed them to reduce their operating costs. At a later stage, Aker Biomarine asked us to provide full engineering services for the addition of a new purification phase that resulted in a higher value-added product.

Time, cost and environmental benefits

Aker Biomarine sources its krill in the Antarctic, where pure ocean water contributes to high-quality marine ingredients. The harvest was previously shipped to Spain for processing before returning to the United States for sale.

Since the new processing plant is based in the same country as distributors and consumers, it significantly reduces time and expense related to trans-Atlantic transportation. The advantage, however, goes beyond the company’s bottom line. With several thousand miles cut from each trip, atmospheric emissions are also appreciably lower.

Sustainability achievements:
  • The project helped the company significantly reduce its atmospheric emissions by cutting thousands of miles out of its supply chain
  • The facility is an investment in an economically distressed area of Houston, and the arrival of a high-tech company with high-wage jobs promises to stimulate the local economy

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