King's North Connection

36" natural gas pipeline

Working for TransCanada, we're playing our part in ensuring a reliable supply of natural gas to communities in Vaughan, Brampton and Toronto in Ontario, Canada. The Kings' North project will result in a 36" diameter pipeline running south-to-north for 10.8kms, connecting the Enbridge Gas Distribution system to the existing TransCanada Mainline 200-2 and supporting industrial growth in the area.

Flexibility and performance

We finalized detailed engineering and design in mid-2015, and construction completion is currently targeted for late 2016. Situated in a congested urban location, project parameters changed on several occasions, due to landowner requirements and routing challenges with existing and proposed infrastructure. Throughout this process, we remained proactive and flexible, ensuring that our work ran to schedule and with no recordable safety incidents.

Long-term benefits

Once completed, the King's North Connection will increase access to natural gas from US production areas and the Dawn storage facility, helping to satisfy demand in the major cities and industrial areas of eastern Canada.

The project has also underlined the value of long-term client relationships. We're proud of our track record with major organizations such as TransCanada and look forward to contributing to further strategically important projects such as King's North Connection.

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