Jabal Omar Development

The district cooling system at the Jabal Omar development will use 40% less energy than traditional air-conditioning systems with equivalent capacities, resulting in lower operating costs and a smaller environmental footprint.

In 2012, we were awarded a contract by the Central District Cooling Company for the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of district cooling facilities for the Jabal Omar development in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Since district cooling solutions use less energy than other air-conditioning systems, they represent an economical and sustainable choice for warmer climates. The facilities will have an ultimate capacity of 55,000 refrigeration tonnes (RT) (193 MW), and will include a 1.5-kilometre dual chilled water distribution pipeline and 10 energy transfer stations. The first phase alone will have an installed capacity of 25,000 RT (88 MW), enough to serve 37 hotels and apartment buildings in Mecca.

Our leadership in the Middle East

SNC-Lavalin has completed 38 district cooling projects in the Middle East and we’re now the leading provider of these systems across the region. In total, we’ve installed more than 530,000 RT (1,862 MW) in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Our projects provide chilled water for residential apartments, offices, universities, hotels, the military, stadiums, hospitals and government institutions in these countries.

 Sustainability achievements:
  • Our energy-efficient district cooling systems use 40% less energy than traditional systems.
  • Energy-efficient cooling solutions translate into significant cost savings in warmer climates.

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