Horsey Substation

In 2011, BC Hydro and Power Authority awarded SNC-Lavalin the Horsey Substation contract in British Columbia, Canada. SNC-Lavalin is providing engineering, procurement, project management, cost control, scheduling, risk management, quality management, and health and safety management services for the project. 

Horsey will see the modernization of the 230-kV gas insulated substation to meet the expected 40 percent growth in electricity demand in British Columbia over the next 20 years. This will involve replacing three aging bus breakers to increase equipment performance in the cold climate, along with the addition of a third feeder cable for transmission.

It is critical that aging infrastructure like Horsey be modernized to securely and reliably transmit the increase in power generated to limit any faults and power outages. This is of particular importance as the Horsey substation is the main source for the transmission of power to downtown Victoria.

Safety measures 

SNC-Lavalin is managing on-site health and safety operations with excellent results to date. The company is implementing its Eight-Critical Risk Protocol program and processes alongside more simple measures, such as start-of-the-day meetings to instruct, inform and ensure cooperation among personnel to prevent on-site incidents. 

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