General Engineering Services Plus (GES+) Program

In Saudi Arabia, we’ve employed more than 280 Saudi men and women, providing them technical, leadership and language training.

In 2011, Saudi Aramco chose our jointly owned company, SNC-Lavalin Fayez Engineering (SLFE), to contribute to their General Engineering Services Plus (GES+) initiative. This program pairs local engineering consultants with key leadership and technical personnel and gives them access to systems, procedures and best practices from top international companies. It’s an effective way of promoting local capabilities and ensuring that our projects benefit the local community.

Developing the local workforce

SLFE now delivers front-end engineering design, detailed engineering and project management services for Saudi Aramco’s capital program. A full 80% of our partnership’s 280 Saudi employees are either engineers or provide direct project support.

New hires are assessed and offered courses based on their skill level. They also learn on the job and receive assistance in creating individual career development plans. Our objective is to ensure that these individuals acquire the skills needed to succeed both on the job and in the future.

Our growing team

Since July 2012, SLFE has gone from 350 employees to over 800. We’re currently working on over 100 different projects such as onshore oil and gas production and processing, refining and petrochemical facilities, and infrastructure mandates. This includes providing engineering services for the Maintain Potential Program, which is essential for sustaining the production levels of key Saudi Aramco oil and gas facilities.

A reputation for quality

In addition to developing the Saudi workforce, SLFE is quickly acquiring a reputation as a company that delivers on its promises. So far, we’ve executed over five million person-hours without a single lost-time injury and successfully completed our second ISO 9001 surveillance audit. In 2014, SLFE was awarded 1.4 million hours of work, thanks largely to its ability to consistently meet customer requirements.

 Sustainability achievements:
  • Through GES+, we’re providing Saudi men and women with professional training and career development opportunities.
  • Eighty percent of our Saudi employees are engineers or project support staff.
  • We’ve completed more than five million person-hours without a lost-time injury.

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