Fort McMurray International Airport Concessions Program

For passengers, airport concessions mean travel comfort and convenience. But for facility owners, they’re a one-way ticket to profitability.

When a new terminal building was added to the Fort McMurray International Airport in Alberta, Canada, we were contracted to plan and develop its expanded concessions program. The primary objectives of this initiative were efficient use of concession space, creation of a vibrant retail environment, provision of goods and services tailored to meet the needs of airport users, and the maximization of revenue opportunities for the airport.

Our main priority was to ensure that the requirements of all stakeholders—tenants, passengers and the client—were met. We developed and led the overall concessions program, which included strategic planning, project management on behalf of the client, and the delivery of a Terminal Operational Readiness Program.

A commercial destination within a travel hub

The existing terminal's concession consisted of a single food and beverage operator. With significantly more commercial space, the new Terminal Building provided the Fort McMurray Airport Authority with an opportunity to create a major retail and food destination for arriving and departing passengers. In all, there were spaces for up to 18 concessionaires—more than enough to ensure a complete offering of goods and services for travelers.

Our Fort McMurray Concession Program was named by ACI as the Best Food & Beverage Program for small/medium airports for 2014.