Fenix Power

A source of power and water

The Fenix Power Project is a nominal 570-MW combined cycle power plant that will produce electrical power for the Red Electrica de Peru (REP) substation in Chilca, Peru, approximately 65 kilometres south of Lima. The power plant will not only provide 10 percent of Peru’s power, it will also render 2,000 m3 of potable water to a local municipality each day using its seawater intake structure. This helps promote the efficient use of natural resources, since new wells will not need to be built.

Tier-1 technical expertise

SNC-Lavalin provided the engineering, procurement, construction, start up and commissioning services for the project. The power equipment consists of one block with a two-on-one combined cycle set-up. The excess heat from the combustion will be used in a waste-heat recovery boiler to produce steam. This will generate additional power (40% of the plant’s total capacity). 

This technology makes it possible to attain an efficient specific consumption rate of 6,290 Btu/kWh and an installed capacity of 540 MW, equivalent to 10% of the country’s current consumption. 

Safety milestone

The commitment of employees, coupled with Hazard Recognition Training, Global Training & Simulation (GTS) Safety Training Modules, Step-Back interactions, positive incentive programs, Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Reviews and field inspections, have increased on-site safety. In early 2013, the Fenix Project Team achieved a significant milestone: 5 million person-hours without a Lost-Time Incident.

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