Feasibility Study for Kambarata HPP-1

During dry years, residents of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan face power outages in winter—but that’s set to change thanks to a number of projects, including Kambarata Hydropower Project 1 (HPP-1). Once the plant is fully operational, it will help the country generate enough energy for its needs and even become a power exporter when conditions are optimal.

In April 2013, our consortium with Russian firm ENEX was awarded a contract by CJSC Kambaratinskaya HPP-1 to conduct a techno-economic feasibility study for the Kambarata-1 Hydropower Project located in the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan. Our mandate was very diverse and involved several evaluations, including power market assessment and demand forecast, environmental and social impact assessment, economic evaluation and project risk analysis. We also conducted hydrological and energy studies, provided the design review (civil, geotechnical, electrical and mechanical disciplines) and planned the construction.

Providing detailed design assessments

One of the challenges in the Kamarata-1 project was assessing a project plan developed 25 years prior by the Tashkent Hydro Design Institute. Our job was to update the plan, optimize it and provide redesign recommendations that complied with Kyrgyz regulations and Russian technical standards.

After careful review, we recommended that the old plan be abandoned and replaced with one of two new structures, either a 256-metre "high dam" with an installed capacity of 1,860 megawatts or a 160-metre "low dam" with an installed capacity of 800 megawatts.

Ensuring cross-border benefits

The middle-Naryn cascade, consisting of Kambarata HPP-1 and Kambarata HPP-2, is situated in the middle reach of the Naryn River, just upstream of the existing Toktogul Reservoir, which is used for hydropower in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and for irrigation in neighbouring Uzbekistan. By adjusting Kambarata HPP-1 operation, as suggested in our feasibility study, water will be released in a timely manner during the summer to meet irrigation demands from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. 

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