EC6 Reactors

Utility-proven technology provides safe, timely and affordable waste solutions

CANDU reactors are the world’s only nuclear power solution that uses natural uranium, providing customers with access to global markets and a far larger range of possible fuel suppliers to choose from. 

A cleaner source of power

Our Enhanced CANDU 6® (EC6®) reactors are delivered with zero radioactive liquid emission technology and produce very little carbon dioxide and no nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, toxic heavy metals, aerosols, ozone or other emissions. When displacing traditional coal, CANDU technology saves 13 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, or 6 million tonnes when displacing natural gas. 

An inherently safe design

The EC6 reactor is extremely safe. The design includes a series of inherent and engineered defenses to prevent accidents, such as physical barriers to confine radioactive material within the containment structure. Should a departure from normal operation occur, safety systems will shut down the reactor, remove decay heat and prevent any radioactive releases. The EC6 is designed to exceed post-Fukushima safety standards.

Generation III standards

The EC6 reactor is the latest addition to our family of Generation III nuclear reactors. Generation III standards include improved fuel technology, superior thermal efficiency, passive safety features and standardized design for reduced maintenance and capital costs.

A tradition of continuous innovation 

The Generation III EC6 reactor builds on over 40 years of experience. There are 47 CANDU or CANDU-type reactors currently in operation worldwide. Our EC6 reactor successfully completed the final stage (Phase 3) of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission pre-project design review  is ready for deployment to operators requiring high safety margins, on-schedule and on-budget construction, high performance, economic competitiveness and operational reliability.

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