Early Production Facility - Tunisia

We designed, delivered and installed an early production facility at Maamoura, a remote area of Tunisia. The design had to accommodate a production volume of up to 10,000 bpd of oil, and up to 30 MMscf/d of CO2-laden natural gas.

Challenging terrain and climate

The facility had to be hardened against extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. The plot design required significant cut and fill to compensate for the irregular terrain, within strict space limitations and environmental restrictions.

Integrated solution

We provided a completely integrated solution - including foundation, electrical and control systems - and this was designed, delivered and commissioned on site in just 400 days. Amine sweetening, oil desalting, mechanical refrigeration, and fractionation systems all contribute to product quality. Our team provided a single, reliable source for all equipment, including the product storage and loading infrastructure, as well as a slug catcher. 

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