Boundary Dam ICCS

We’re proud to be part of SaskPower’s groundbreaking integrated carbon capture and utilization (ICCU) initiative in Saskatchewan, Canada. In October 2014, the utility launched the world’s first commercial post-combustion ICCU system at Boundary Dam, a coal-fired power facility.

The system is designed to capture 90% of the CO2 emissions from one of the power plant’s units, the equivalent of one million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. It’s also designed to capture all SO2 emissions, known to cause acid rain.

The captured CO2 is compressed and injected underground to enhance oil recovery at the nearby Weyburn oil field. The SO2 is converted into commercial-grade sulphuric acid and sold in the local marketplace.

Developing Carbon Capture Technology

Engineering is essential to the effective assessment and management of climate change initiatives. That’s why our Oil & Gas, Environment & Water, and our Power teams have joined forces to develop clean technology solutions to reduce carbon emissions. These solutions include pre- and post-combustion capture, compression, transportation and system design. For over a decade, we’ve been successfully partnering with public and private stakeholders to improve and implement carbon capture and utilization technologies in industrial facilities worldwide.

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