Accommodation and Dining & Messing (ADM) Facilities

In April 2014, SNC-Lavalin’s joint venture with AECON Atlantic Group, a division of AECON Construction Group Inc., was awarded a contract by the Government of Canada for the construction of a new housing and training facility for Junior Ranks personnel at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Halifax. SNC-Lavalin provided environmental, geotechnical and engineering design services for the facility under a previous contract. 

Modern and Reliable Infrastructure

Home port to Canada’s Atlantic fleet, CFB Halifax is the largest Canadian Forces Base in terms of the number of posted personnel. The joint venture's mandate is to build a 12-storey tower at the base consisting of 300 new residence rooms for training, as well as the dining and messing facilities. When completed, this project will help provide Canada’s military with modern and reliable infrastructure to train their Junior Ranks and maintain operational readiness. 

Targeting LEED® Certification

The ADM project is designed to meet Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®) Silver standards. This includes the use of best-in-class building strategies and practices such as brownfield redevelopment, promoting alternative transportation use by the building’s users, minimizing building operating costs by reducing water usage and meeting and exceeding the requirements of the Model National Energy Code for Buildings (MNECB). The ADM’s design also promotes the sustainable use of materials, both during construction and beyond. The Government of Canada will apply for LEED silver certification once the construction phase is completed in 2016.

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