450 MMscf/d Dew Point Plant - United States

As part of the Kentz and Valerus acquisition, we’ve bolstered our capability in gas processing and handling.

We were contracted to provide engineering, design, procurement, construction and commissioning of a 450 MMscf/d dew point plant in South Texas, which included reciprocating gas compression, turbo expander, filtration, glycol dehydration, condensate storage and truck loading facilities.

The project faced a number of distinct challenges, including a stringent welding quality specification. In addition, record rainfall and an infestation of hybrid bees delayed construction and created safety risks, while the project was also subject to potential criminal activity which necessitated the hiring of armed security.

Supporting our client's business objectives

Despite the challenges, we ensured that the project achieved substantial completion and passed its performance test in just 12 months - enabling our client to maintain an important commercial contract. Historically, this particular client chose to directly manage engineering and construction contractors, and the quality of our performance has laid the foundations for a new long-term business relationship.

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