Pipelines & Storage

Pipelines & Storage

We're recognized worldwide for our ability to move and store oil and gas products efficiently and reliably, across the most challenging terrains. We offer a comprehensive range of pipeline and storage services, from feasibility studies and front end engineering to full EPC contracts and maintain potential projects.

High performance in the harshest environments

We deliver all phases of gas and liquid pipeline systems in some of the world's toughest conditions, such as desert and sabkha, arctic tundra, tropical rain forest, prairie and mountains. 

We're able to draw on a team of thousands of qualified oil and gas experts who underpin our reputation for completing projects safely, on time and on budget. These projects range from front end engineering and construction to optimizing product output from existing fields through expansion and upgrade.

Proven expertise

Our expertise includes:

  • Transmission pipelines 
    • Crude/refined products (single product or batched) 
    • Natural gas 
    • Hot bitumen and diluted bitumen 
  • Compressor stations 
  • Liquid pipeline facilities 
    • Pump stations 
    • Revamps/control system upgrades 
    • Operability/optimization studies 
    • Modularization 
  • Terminal storage, tank farms and metering 
  • Pressure regulating and custody transfer metering stations 
  • SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and telecommunication systems 
  • Hydro-transport and slurry pipelines 
  • Gathering and distribution systems 

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