Non-Process Infrastructure and Utilities

Non-Process Infrastructure and Utilities

Major oil and gas, petrochemical and refinery projects can require facilities to service a project task-force of anywhere between 500 to 40,000 employees; which can usually only be met by the construction of dedicated turnkey greenfield camps, including utilities and temporary site facilities.

To allow for timely mobilisation of contractors and to ensure project success, early works often include the installation of a dedicated project construction village incorporating camp accommodation, utilities and infrastructure. Furthermore, the construction of temporary site facilities, including offices, warehousing, lay-down areas, fabrication shops and utilities, is frequently a necessity.

Non-process infrastructure projects, by nature, are logistic-driven with challenging schedules and intermediate requirements to meet early and phased occupancy. In many countries under local municipal authority guidelines and regulations, the presence of large volumes of foreign workers visiting the local towns or city public areas at weekends is actively discouraged. In these circumstances, the camp design needs to cater for full-time occupancy, combining additional enhanced indoor and outdoor recreational and sporting facilities.

Our Capabilities and Experience

We provide single-point responsibility for:

  • Project management, process design
  • Detailed engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Supply and shipping
  • Construction
  • Mechanical completion
  • Testing
  • Commissioning, temporary site and temporary construction facilities
  • Performance-testing and provision of performance guarantees which are an integral part of our work scope.

Key Non-process Infrastructure Facilities include:
  • Land lease agreement
  • Geotechnical and topographical survey, together with soil improvement
  • Camp accommodation; multi-national, senior and junior accommodation including common buildings such as a guard house, substation, canteens, food preparation, cinemas, laundries, administration, medical, maintenance and religious gathering facilities
  • Camp utilities; power generation, potable water and fire water, waste water treatment plants, disposal-treated effluent water, irrigation, pipelines and telecommunications
  • Camp common facilities; fire detection and protection, access roads, fencing, lighting, outdoor recreation including sports fields, tennis and volleyball courts and swimming pools
  • Temporary site facilities office; pioneer offices, owner and project management team offices, main implementation contractor offices, including common buildings, safety induction, warehousing, medical and maintenance
  • Temporary site utilities; power generation, potable water and fire water, sewage and telecommunications
  • Temporary site common facilities; fire detection and protection, access roads, fencing and lighting.

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