Heavy Oil

Heavy Oil

Expertise in production and processing, ehanced oil recovery and mineral energy

Benefitting from expertise and knowledge gained through over 35 years of working with heavy oil, our teams are integral to some of the world's most significant heavy oil projects. Over the years, we've developed an ability to replicate success by applying the lessons learnt on one project to the challenges faced elsewhere - saving time and costs while maintaining the highest standards. While the majority of our experience is in Northern Alberta and Venezuela, our skills are transferrable and we are able to bring demonstrable advantages to projects worldwide.

Wide-ranging expertise

We have an established track record across a wide range of heavy oil services, including:

  • Conventional oil and gas production and processing facilities 
  • In Situ oil facilities using Steam Assisted Gravity drainage (SAGD)
    • Central processing plants 
    • Oil separation
  • Field facilities, including  well pads
  • Oil treatment
  • Steam and production pipelines 
  • Upgrading and refining
  • Carbon capture and sequestration 
  • Utilities and offsite
  • Modularization 
  • Template/repeatable designs
  • Sustaining capital
    • Debottleneck projects 
    • Revamps and upgrades
    • Expansion projects
    • Long term sustaining capital projects

Leading the industry in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) 

We have experience and capabilities in the following types of EOR:

  • Cyclic steam stimulation 
  • SAGD 
  • Diluent Injection and Recovery Systems 
  • Steam Flooding 
  • Submersible pumps and sucker rod pumps 
  • Water Alternating Gas Injection 
  • High Pressure Nitrogen Injection 
  • High Pressure CO2 Injection 
  • Miscible Gas Injection Systems 
  • High Pressure Water Injection
  • Gas Lift Systems

Mineable Energy

Our mineable energy expertise includes:

  • Mining Extraction Techniques
  • Ore preparation
  • Hydro-transport 
  • Extraction
  • Naphthenic froth treatment
  • Paraffinic froth treatment
  • Vapour recovery
  • Naphtha recovery
  • Tailings thickener
  • Water use optimization

Specific strengths in SAGD

Our SAGD experience encompasses many regions of the world and is delivered by thousands of experienced, skilled professionals. Our approach embodies strong project arrangement, technological excellence, quality assurance and strict compliance for the protection of the environment and operational safety.

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