Gas Processing

Gas Processing

Complete modular gas processing facility design and installation solutions

Depending upon region and conditions, natural gas can arrive at the surface carrying potentially destructive impurities and valuable hydrocarbon byproducts in solution. We offer detailed insight into gas quality and composition in different regions, and work hands-on with producers to identify appropriate processing and treatment solutions.

Providing a complete design and installation solution

From custom, stick-built facilities to modular, skid-mounted designs, we provide complete facility design and equipment installation to enable our clients to seize market opportunities at speed. Our industry-leading expertise - supported by our role as a single source for compression, production, processing and treating equipment - underpins our track record of delivering turnkey facilities and timely completion. 

Technology and process neutral

Our process engineering team has a deep understanding of key licensed technologies and works closely with licensors to build complete solutions. We aim to make sure that our clients benefit from the best and most appropriate technologies at all times.

Seamless integration and support

Our processing and treating solutions integrate seamlessly with our compression and production products, while our turnkey installation, startup, and commissioning deliver optimal performance in the field. We also provide a single point of contact for each project to ensure continued reliability and accountability.

Wide range of applications

Our gas processing solutions bring performance and cost-effectiveness to a range of applications including:

  • Amine treating plants
  • Mechanical refrigeration plants
  • JT and refrigerated JT plants
  • Natural gas liquids fractionation.