SNC-Lavalin played a pioneering role in developing the commercial nuclear industry in Canada in the 1960s, and has become the world’s top provider of refurbishment expertise for CANDU reactors. We oversee new-build nuclear power plants, major refurbishments, and life extensions, and offer specialized services in safety analysis, environmental qualification, metrology/spatial analysis, geotechnical investigations, decommissioning and waste management services.

In addition to these services, we are also involved in both nuclear steam plant (NSP) and balance of plan (BOP) projects.  Our knowledgeable team of over 1000 nuclear power experts, offer a catalogue of engineering and field services, an extensive range of plant life management and steam generator maintenance programs, and tooling for boiling water reactors (BWRs) and pressure water reactors (PWRs).  The team has a deep level design and execution experience drawn during the course of our more than 60 years in the nuclear industry.  

Safe and efficient solutions

We are committed to efficiency and safety at all levels and phases of a nuclear project. The process begins with making every effort to identify and mitigate hazards, and continues with the optimization of project execution through various industry-leading approaches, including training workers at reactor mock-ups to enhance efficiency during the project’s critical phases. We have the distinction of being Canada’s first engineering and construction services organization to receive the ASME N-Stamp certification for safety and quality.

CANDU reactors around the world