SNC-Lavalin is pleased to be back in the saddle as partner of the 105th Calgary Stampede

July 7, 2017 Global

SNC-Lavalin Safe Stampeding

SNC-Lavalin and the Calgary Stampede share a core priority and value: Safety. Our sponsorship for Safe Stampeding will enhance communication to guests across the Stampede Park by displaying vignettes that include safety topics such as hydration, sun protection, safety in animal zones, and slips, trips, and falls. These will be displayed throughout the park on superscreens during the 10-day event.

Equine Outfit of Excellence Award

It is both a responsibility and a source of satisfaction and pride to set high standards to all we do, and these same values are celebrated in the Calgary Stampede’s Equine Outfit of Excellence Award. The award recognizes and rewards the top six equine athletes at the GMC Rangeland Derby for best in class performance. 

Junior Steer Riding

The Young Riders program is a youth initiative that provides young people in 4-H Clubs and Kids Up Front the opportunity to experience the skills and grit of the Stampede Rodeo. Together, we are building for our next generation by supporting youth and creating a legacy for the next century.

We are proud to sponsor this long-standing Western Canadian tradition and look forward to another exciting Calgary Stampede!

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