SNC-Lavalin wins Best Engineering Provider for Major Projects Award in Chile

August 17, 2015 Latin America , Chile

Left to right: Francisco Aracena, General Manager, AIC; Ricardo Valdebenito, Vice-President, SCW, SNC-Lavalin; and Cristián Mancilla, General Manager, Phibrand Consulting

SNC-Lavalin’s Mining & Metallurgy sector recently received the Best Engineering Provider for Major Mining and Metallurgy Projects award at the fourth annual mining suppliers ranking ceremony. The event was hosted by Phibrand, a market research company, at the SOFOFA Auditorium in Santiago, Chile.

The award was presented to SNC-Lavalin by Ignacio Moreno, Chile’s Undersecretary of Mining, along with Cristián Mansilla from Phibrand. The award is based on the Chilean Mining Supplier Report—a quantitative study performed by Phibrand—which ranks each company on its capacity to support the mining market. The analysis covers each sector of the mining industry as well as certain professionals.

During the ceremony, Ignacio Moreno spoke about the importance of strengthening mining companies in Chile and promoting the industry as a whole. He also thanked the National Mining Ministry for their support and commitment to the sector.

“SNC-Lavalin has had a long history of project engineering and project execution in Chile,” said José J. Suárez, President, Global Mining & Metallurgy. “Our operations in Chile have been at the forefront of utilizing state-of-the-art design and project management tools to meet our clients’ project needs. This award acknowledges these efforts and our continuous improvement in these areas. As a company, we are known for our capacity to execute major projects, and our strategy going forward is to continue to deliver all studies, sustaining capital work and major projects that meet the highest standards of health, safety, environment and community on time and on budget around the globe. Congratulations to everyone involved.”

About Phibrand

Founded in 2005, Phibrand is a market research company located in Santiago Chile. The company specializes in industrial market research and develops communication strategies for companies based on its findings.

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