SNC-Lavalin in France recycles mobile phones

May 27, 2014 Europe , France

When the time came for SNC-Lavalin to replace its mobile phone fleet in France, the company turned to Les Ateliers du Bocage, an organization that recycles electronic equipment and prepares it for reuse while promoting social integration.

Mobile phones are collected, tested, repaired and cleared of any personal data so that they can be given a second life. Any devices that cannot be reused are recycled, with 95 percent of the materials being recoverable.

Thanks to this partnership, Les Ateliers du Bocage will be able to:

Contribute to job creation-one position is created for every 1,000 phones collected;

Provide low-income associations, schools and individuals with mobile phones; and

Participate in the Green Click program, which aims to bridge the digital divide in Africa.

Mobile phones contain a number of valuable materials, including copper, silver, platinum, and even gold. In fact, for every 50,000 mobile phones that are recycled, one kilogram of gold is recovered. Worldwide, some 720 million cell phones are thrown away every year, and only five percent are recycled in France. SNC-Lavalin in France hopes to contribute to this socially and environmentally responsible act by collecting approximately 700 mobile phones.

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