Montreal employees plant trees for local school

June 11, 2014 North America , Canada , Quebec

Last Wednesday, in celebration of SNC-Lavalin's environment week, 30 Montreal employees helped plant more than 100 trees and bushes at L'Eau-Vive Elementary School in Montreal's LaSalle borough. The initiative was organized jointly with Soverdi, a local organization that promotes the creation of green spaces. It was the fourth time SNC-Lavalin has partnered with Soverdi to plant trees.

Employees planted trees and shrubs, including Saskatoon bushes, linden trees and apple trees. Enthusiastic first- and second-grade students assisted them to complete the landscaping of the school's front yard. The school's management considered student involvement a priority, not only during the landscaping day, but also during the project planning and future maintenance phases. 

"Planting trees is a truly sustainable act," said Mark Osterman, Vice-President, Environment & Sustainable Development. "There's an immediate impact on the local area, thanks to the increased shade and trapping of dust and other particles. In fact, a tree captures 35 kilograms of carbon dioxide annually. We planted 32 trees for a total of one tonne of carbon dioxide annually—and that's not even counting the shrubs. Congratulations to all involved."

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