Darlington Retube and Feeder Replacement (RFR)

September 4, 2014 North America , Canada , Ontario
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One of the world’s top-performing CANDU stations, the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station supplies 20% of Ontario’s energy needs. Its refurbishment is crucial to deliver the power required to service the province’s residents. Our joint venture is preparing for field execution expected in the fall of 2016. More than 800 sophisticated tooling systems have been designed and built and are now being tested. 

Next operating crews will be trained on the full-scale reactor mock-up built by our joint venture, on time and budget, earlier this year. We also started construction of a large facility to process and package all reactor components to be removed during the execution phase. 

As each reactor nears completion, we’ll begin refurbishing the station’s 935-megawatt turbine generators in the fall of 2016. Our systems integration role includes the detailed engineering and configuration mapping consistent with existing station systems, practices and procedures. Our design approach ensures all equipment upgrades are fully transparent to operators while minimizing the impact on operator adaptability. 

“By making the execution phase more efficient, we’ll not only save our client Ontario Power Generation time and money; we’ll greatly reduce each worker’s exposure to radiation over the course of the project.”

-Brian Savage (SNC-Lavalin Project Director)

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