Helping our clients reach their environmental goals: Celebrating our top sustainability projects

February 18, 2015 North America , Canada

SNC-Lavalin wishes to outline the work and dedication of its employees to our company’s three pillars of sustainability—the communities we serve, the environment, and economic value—by profiling our top sustainability projects from our three business groups.

Vale AER Thumb
Vale’s Clean AER Project

Location: Sudbury, Ontario in Canada

Mandate: To provide the project management and engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services contract to retrofit and modernize a nickel smelter complex for its Clean Atmospheric Emissions Reduction (AER) project at the Vale nickel smelter complex. 

Highlights: The project will reduce sulphur dioxide emission levels by 85 percent and dust and metal emissions by up to 40 percent.

Completion date: 2018

Waneta Expansion Project 

Location: Trail, British Columbia in Canada

Mandate: To design and build a new 335-MW powerhouse with two new Francis turbine-generator units, each producing approximately 167 MW.

Highlights: Creating special environmental work and task plans for contractors to protect the at-risk species that live in the project area, such as the rubber boa and yellow-bellied racers, western skinks and white sturgeon. SNC-Lavalin also developed customized fencing to allow the passage of certain species, treatment plants for all construction and runoff water, sensitive and controlled blasting specifications, and a program to closely monitor nesting birds.

Completion date: 2015 (operational)

Calgary West LRT

Location: Calgary, Alberta in Canada

Mandate: To design and build an extension to Calgary’s existing C-Train system. 

Highlights: It is the largest transportation infrastructure project ever undertaken by the City of Calgary and their largest design-build contract. It integrated eight kilometres of new rail, bus routes, bike paths, pedestrian bridges and regional pathways, making mobility more environmentally friendly for more than 100,000 people in southwest Calgary.

Completion date: 2014

“These projects are representative of the amazing work and dedication of our employees,” says Mark Osterman, Vice-President, Environment and Sustainable Development. “While we’d like to profile many more, these three projects stand out for their ability to touch on all the aspects of our sustainability mandate.”

You can find more like them in the 2013 Sustainability Report. And we encourage you to send the link to our Sustainability Report to stakeholders. Help us show off our employees’ world-class achievements.

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