Blog – Enhanced Security for Oil and Gas Facilities in a Volatile World

October 12, 2015

It's quite common for oil and gas facilities to be located in remote and geopolitically sensitive areas of the world where infrastructure is often poorly protected. These facilities can be manned or unmanned but are always of strategic value to the asset owner and the risk of sabotage or attack is always present. Recently, a client tasked our telecommunications team with designing a solution for a vast gas field that would help reduce or prevent such risks.

The main challenge facing this client was the area in question comprises hundreds of wellheads, above-ground pipelines and many other unmanned sites such as water injection plants, all of which had limited or no protection prior to the client approaching us.

We have an excellent telecommunications team that considered the clients requirements carefully and examined a number of different technologies to provide the best solution for the client which would minimize the risk from potential trespass or attacks. This was no mean feat when you consider the area in question spans 1,300 square km2.

At Gastech 2015, I am delighted to be presenting a technical paper that discusses the design options our team looked at, which had three objectives to follow: to detect a potential threat, assess the threat level and act accordingly. Achieving these objectives was made more difficult when you factor in the featureless terrain that looks very similar in a 360 degree rotation.

My presentation will take place at 10:30 a.m. on Friday 30th October in COTE Theatre B.

I am presenting the technical paper on behalf of the author, Albert Aspden, Chief Engineer (Telecoms), SNC-Lavalin. Albert will be available to present at ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi in November.

Peter Flynn

Global Business Development Director, Telecoms & Electronics, Oil & Gas

Peter joined SNC-Lavalin in 2014 through the Kentz acquisition. He had been with Kentz since 2003 and has 24 years' experience in telecommunications. In 2011, Peter moved to Qatar and took up the position of Group Proposal Manager for Telecoms in response to the growing trend for specialist telecoms-related scopes of work in the oil and gas industry. With experience spanning RF systems, security systems, marine navigation and berthing aid systems, as well as IT and telephony systems, Peter has been a key player in most of the significant telecoms projects executed throughout the group in recent years, (Chevron-operated Gorgon project and the Ichthys LNG Project in Australia, Pearl GTL in Qatar, and further significant projects in Qatar and Saudi Arabia). Peter holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronic Engineering from Dublin City University, Ireland and completed his MBA for Engineering Business Managers at the Manchester Business School in the UK.

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